Tuesday, May 19, 2009

About Bloody Time

Fox and MLB have finally woken up to the fact that the times for the League Championship Series and World Series have been way too late for the Eastern time zone, and will be scheduling the first pitch for the weeknight games at 7:57 PM, starting this fall.

The ratings for last year were in the toilet (and the fact that so few kids in the East have seen a finish to a World Series game) moved them to make the starting times a half-hour earlier. (Although the finish to last year's World Series Game 5 was reasonable, but that was because of the rain delay fluke.) Here's more from Yahoo.

And on the Saturdays, they are talking about starting those games even earlier than 8 PM. Hey guys, here's a novel idea: how about a World Series or LCS game in the afternoon?

I've been screaming about this here on The Mighty Quinn Media Machine for years about these inane later postseason starting times. I guess somebody out there's been reading my blog.

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