Sunday, May 03, 2009

Attention Trivia Night Players

Due to the Celtics Game 2 with Orlando, and the Bruins Game 3 against Carolina on Wednesday night, we've been forced to move Trivia Night this week to Thursday, May 7th, at 9 PM. The crowds will just be too large at Professor Thom's for us to have an effective Trivia Night on Wednesday night, as the game begins at 8 PM.

I had a feeling the Celtics playoff run, as well as that of the Bruins, would effect us, as it did last year as well with the Celtics winning it all.

We may also have to change the day of Trivia Night next week as well, as if the Celtics playoff series goes to a Game 5, it will be on Tuesday night, May 12th. No decision has yet been made on that, but I will keep you informed.

The Sneak Peek question will be posted on Wednesday morning this week.

Sorry about all the moving around.

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