Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Before and After Trivia

Count me in the group that just doesn't get "American Idol" and all the hubbub that surrounds it. Every little tidbit about it ends up in the papers. Who cares? Simon Cowell doesn't interest me, and the only reality TV I watch is baseball.

My friend Gareth had a great take on it:
It's a karaoke competition. A bunch of wannabe singers get up in front of a room full of people and sing famous songs that other people wrote. How is that not karaoke?

Professor Thom's last night had a "Tweet Up" surrounding the show, with those folks who are into Twitter got together and watched the show in The Loft. There was a big crowd there that started streaming in early for it before we had Trivia Night last night in the bar below. The best part of it was that it brought lots of business to the bar. So that's the only good thing I can think of when it comes to "American Idol."

After Trivia Night ended, I was in the bar watching some of the games going on, when I noticed as the Lakers-Nuggets playoff game was ending, I saw shameless self-promoter and notorious frontrunner Spike Lee (and not one of my favorite people) in the first row (where else would he be?) cheering on the Lakers. I know he just shot a documentary about Kobe Bryant, but rooting on the Lakers? I shouldn't be surprised, seeing that he shows up at both New York baseball stadiums rooting for which ever team is currently on top. As much as I don't like many Yankee fans, I really despise those "fans" who root for which ever New York baseball team is currently winning.


Suldog said...

Yeah, I abhor "Idol". Such a waste of time, especially when one can watch the Sox :-)

The Omnipotent Q said...

No doubt, Suldog. I find the publicity it generates is just so over the top and nauseating. Give me a good Red Sox game any day!