Monday, May 25, 2009

May 26 Trivia on Tuesday

Trivia Night on Tuesday night will feature "May 26th Trivia" as the special category. It will be events connected with that date in history. The Q Train lightning round will be "1-10 Trivia," ten questions that will feature the numbers 1 through 10 as answers (and none will be duplicated).

I hear that some old friends of Trivia Night will be on hand to take part in the night's festivities, so that should make tomorrow's round mighty interesting.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"What are the national meetings of the Boy Scouts of America called?"

The Red Sox have a game in Minnesota tomorrow night at 8 PM, and since there are no more Boston teams involved in the current hockey and basketball playoffs, we should get going at or about 9 PM. We had a great crowd in for last week, and I bet will have another large one tomorrow. See you then.

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