Friday, May 01, 2009

Off to the Dump With This One

Well, Jonathan Van Every and Nick Swisher will have something to talk about when the Sox get to New York on Monday.

They've both pitched against the Rays in the Tropicana Dome this season.

I spent the evening at Professor Thom's among a throng of Celtics fans. In a game that went to triple overtime with the Bulls, I was watching the Red Sox get a hammering by Tampa Bay, 13-0. And two memorable movie quotes came to my mind when it was all over.

"The way I see it, everyone takes a beating now and then."
--Henry Hill, "Goodfellas"

"That's all we got? One goddamn hit?"
--Harry Doyle, "Major League"

The first 18 Red Sox hitters went down in order before Jacoby Ellsbury singled to break up Matt Garza's perfect game. And it was the only (goddamn) hit the Sox got all night. Garza was simply a buzzsaw, and is now 7-1 lifetime against the Red Sox. Josh Beckett had nothing, gave up seven runs in less than five innings. He has now surrendered a staggering 15 runs in his last 9 2/3 innings. It brings back memories of the awful Josh Beckett of 2006. You know something is radically wrong when some guy named Hernandez, who is the backup Tampa Bay catcher and someone I've never heard of, goes deep.

Javier Lopez once again is pitching his way out of Boston, as he came in to cleanup in the 8th with the score 8-0 and promptly gave up four runs in 1/3 of an inning. That prompted Terry Francona to bring in Jonathan Van Every to pitch, and Lopez went to right field. Van Every, who turned out to be the Sox best pitcher of the night, gave up a double, a walk, and two foul outs. It was weird seeing him give up a run that was charged to the current right fielder. I think that's the first time I've ever seen that happen.

Toss this one in the garbage. At least the Red Sox are still tied for first, as Toronto also lost. Three more with the Rays this weekend, and let's hope we don't see either Jonathan Van Every or Javier Lopez on the mound again.

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