Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Winter Rockies?

I got an email from my friend Dan today, and he drew a very interesting parallel between the 2007 National League champion Colorado Rockies and the current NFC champion New York Giants:

The Giants are the NFL equivalent of the Colorado Rockies. Played hot on the road all year… insanely hot at the tail end of the year…….steamrolled through the playoffs with tremendous momentum……..made it to the final round and faced a longer than normal lay off prior to meeting up with a superior team from the New England market……you can figure out the rest.

Like the Rockies, the Giants also got off to a bad start, as the Giants lost their first two games, and I don't think anyone would have guessed the Giants would make it all the way to Arizona. And when the Rockies played the Red Sox last June (and won two out of three in that series), could anyone have predicted they would play again in October?

We'll see what happens on Sunday, as the Boston area teams go for their sixth title this decade.


Suldog said...

That's a great comparison. I'm too chicken concerning a jinx, so I'm not making any predictions. I'll be posting some thoughts on it tomorrow, though.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I've got an idea about the outcome, but I'm not sure if I'll be posting it...I'll look for your thoughts tomorrow, Suldog.

SoSock said...

Great observation.
I think the reality is that the NFC was just SO much weaker than the AFC this year that even the best teams, Dallas & Green Bay, weren't as good as their records indicated. And this is coming from a guy whose favorite team is in the NFC. (Unlike baseball, we do have a Carolina football team to pull for) The same was true in baseball this past year also. The AL was just plain stronger.
I'm not stupid enough to guarantee victory for the Pats, anything can happen in any given game. But I'm going to be absolutely shocked if they don't win. They are by far the better team. And I hate the Giants, too.
Go Pats!