Monday, January 28, 2008

A New Low

I just knew this was a mistake.

For most of last week, I did not buy any of the New York newspapers, because I knew most of it would be cluttered with absolutely worthless junk about the upcoming Super Bowl. In past years I can recall the stupid, vapid stories writers would resort to to fill newspapers about the Big Game, with that misguided two weeks between the conference title games and the Super Bowl. But I made a decision to get the two major NYC dailies today, as I am writing my "Current Events" questions for Trivia Night tomorrow night and they both usually help me. I got them both, but I should have thought twice about it.

Today, I believe the New York Post may have finally hit The Bottom of the Barrel.

Yes, the Post, that bastion of journalistic integrity, has a front page with the two Super Bowl quarterbacks on it with the headline: "Who's Super Sexy?" And inside, that "hard-hitting journalist," Andrea Peyser, makes the case how Eli Manning's "hunky" and Tom Brady's "boring." (And can you imagine the uproar that would happen if a male sportswriter dedicated an entire column to say, which of the female Australian Open finalists was sexier?)

God save us. My quarterback could look like Ernest Borgnine for all I care, as long as he leads my team to victory. If you dare:

Yep, perfectly good newsprint was wasted on godawful rubbish like this. Not only that, the Post has thirteen pages dedicated to the Super Bowl today, and the game is still six days away.

I knew I was making a mistake this morning. But at least the papers did helped me with my trivia questions.

17 days until pitchers and catchers report.


Chris said...

As if that wasn't bad enough, look at this gem. Little did I know that the Giants are perfect little angels and the Pats are awful human beings.

The Post is so disgusting, I wouldn't even wipe my ass with it.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I saw that article too, Chris. I guess the Giants are perfect angels, excluding Michael Strahan's messy divorce, Jeremy Shockey's off-field hijinx, etc....

Michael Leggett said...

The NY Post:

Prfect News Corp Rag for Wrapping Fish;

NY Yankees Marketing Partner;

THAT Says it all.

Peter N said...

Mike, it would be an insult to the fish itself to be wrapped in that rag! Dead or doesn't matter. Hi John...the hype time is starting to dwindle as Sunday approaches. 19-0 would be SO sweet.