Sunday, January 20, 2008

Giants vs. Patriots in Super Bowl XLII

The Giants amazing run in this year's postseason took yet another astounding turn as the "Road Warriors" won their third straight postseason game away from home, in a 23-20 thrilling overtime win in Green Bay on Sunday.

I honestly didn't give the Giants much chance against the Packers. It was bitterly cold (the temperature was below zero at the start), and Green Bay rarely lose a playoff game at home. But Eli Manning continued his terrific play and Plaxico Burress was just superb.

The Vikings fan in me was going with the Giants all the way, as I didn't want to see Green Bay in the Super Bowl. Manning continues to have the last laugh on his critics, as well as coach Tom Coughlin. Lawrence Tynes, the Giants kicker, missed two field goals, one as regulation was ending, and he appeared to be the goat of the game. But he redeemed himself 2:35 into overtime with a 47-yard field goal to send the Giants to the fourth Super Bowl berth in their history.

And they will face the still-undefeated New England Patriots, who beat the San Diego Chargers, 21-12 at Foxboro. The Chargers but up a brave fight, but LaDainian Tomlinson was only in the first two series before leaving the game. Philip Rivers, on an injured knee, did well for San Diego but it just wasn't enough to overcome the Patriots machine. Chargers fans should be proud of the team and the way they fought through injuries to get to the AFC title game.

Tom Brady actually threw three interceptions, but passed for two touchdowns. Despite Brady's off-day, they found a way to win to take the AFC crown. And now they have the opportunity to stand next to the 1972 Miami Dolphins as they only NFL teams with perfect records for a season. And standing in their way, yet again, is the New York Giants.

Right after the Pats beat the Giants last December, my father asked me if I thought the two teams could meet in a rematch in February in Arizona at the Super Bowl. "No chance," I told him. "Do you really think the Giants could go through Tampa Bay, Dallas and Green Bay to get to a rematch with the Pats?"

I stand corrected.

Congratulations to the Giants on a truly memorable run to the Super Bowl. I would guess the Patriots should be about a two touchdown favorite to win in Arizona. Hopefully it will be a good game.

And of course, now we are in for two weeks of truly moronic hype that will make your ears bleed.


Michael Leggett said...

& I send my Warning to the NY Media's Sophomoric Rah-Rahs', especially the tabloids, called Post & Snooze & their "Superiority Comparisons":

However, if I want my "Ebbets Field", it's Fenway Park, where I go to experience the "Brooklyn" I never got to know. I can't do THAT in Corona, Queens. And neither could Doris Kearns Goodwin of Rockville Center in Nassau County;

I can still ride a Trolley to a Baseball Game in Boston. There are NO Trolleys left in Brooklyn, nor do any, run on Roosevelt Avenue;

So Much for NYC's "Superiority" & its' Known LACK Of Humility

Michael Leggett said...

& watching that Saturday Night NFL-CBS-NBC Game, I thought of this as a Super Bowl Preview of "The Clash Of The Proteges Of Bill Parcells":

It has come to fruition;