Friday, January 11, 2008

Nonsensical Rumormongering

I saw a report this morning over at WasWatching, a good Yankee fan site, that said that Kevin Kennedy, onetime Red Sox manager and now a Fox broadcaster, claims to have a colleague who saw a Red Sox player on the 2004 championship team using performance-enhancing drugs. Steve, who runs the site, said he heard Kennedy make the claim on his XM radio show yesterday. From WasWatching (

Kevin Kennedy said that a current colleague of his, who was with the Boston Red Sox in 2004, told him that he (the colleague) witnessed, for a fact, a member of the '04 Red Sox injecting himself in the buttocks with a needle full of PEDs. Kennedy said that the user is no longer a member of the Red Sox - but, he was a player on the team that won the ring in 2004. As per Kennedy, his colleague said that the "user" was giving a demo (to the "colleague") on how to do the injection.

Of course, Kennedy names no names here. And he has not a shred of evidence whatsoever to offer that this unknown player actually did this in front of his colleague. Why did Kennedy say this on his radio show? I don't know, but he has never been a fan of the Sox since he was fired as manager after the 1996 season.

This is the kind of stupid gossip mongering I hate: no evidence whatsoever, just " a friend of mine told me he saw it happen, so it must be true." Hey, could a player, or players, on the 2004 Red Sox have been doing PEDs? Sure it's possible. But giving a "demo" in front of other people? I find that hard to believe. If that were true, that player would have a serious lack of common sense or brains that something like this couldn't come back to hurt him one day.

A message to Kevin Kennedy: don't waste everyone's time with such nonsense. Have the guts to name names (of course he can't because he would open himself up to quite a slander lawsuit), or shut the hell up.


Michael Leggett said...

What is it with these guys from FOX Sports?

1st, it's Mc Carver's Jon Lieber Tale;

& Now Kevin Kennedy?

Maybe, Fitzy should give both of them a Giant GFY

Peter N said...

Michael, I agree, and that's what I wrote about yesterday. Lisa, the MCW, came to my defense at my place, and she steered me here, Q. I am here a lot, much to my delight.