Sunday, August 05, 2007

Two Big Wins at Safeco

The nine-game losing streak ended for the Red Sox at Safeco Field in Seattle as the Red Sox won consecutive games on Saturday and Sunday, 4-3 and 9-2.

Saturday was a nail-biter, as the Red Sox bullpen made it interesting in the end. Eric Gagne struck out the first two hitters impressively, but then allowed three straight hits to bring the Mariners within one. He got the last out, and Jonathan Papelbon also struck out the first two. He then walked the next two, but got the dangerous Adrian Beltre to foul out to end it. Even the best bullpen in baseball can give me heartburn at times.

Daisuke Matsuzaka won his 13th on Saturday, and Josh Beckett won his 14th on Sunday, as the Red Sox cruised, 9-2. The Sox continue to lead the AL East by seven games. The Red Sox are now the only team in baseball with three 13-game winners, as Tim Wakefield won his 13th on Thursday. There was also an interesting question during the Sox game today: "When was the last time the Red Sox had three 15-game winners on their team? You have to go back to 1998, when Pedro Martinez, Bret Saberhagen and Tim Wakefield each won that many.

And by the way, I went to Baseball Reference to double check the numbers, and I discovered the person (or asshole in this case), who calls himself "JDS," the sponsor of the 1998 page, left this rubbish on it:

2004 ALCS - One bounce and the “Red Sox Nation” cries another 86 years. Hope you enjoyed it - too bad you didn't show a little more class. (by the way - how lame is that letter "C" on Varitek's Jersey?)

What a tool this idiot is! Gotta be a Yankee fan, no doubt. (And boy, don't you Yankee fans get me started when it comes to showing "class." And at least our captain is proud to show off his captaincy.)

The Red Sox will reactivate Curt Schilling for tomorrow's start in Anaheim, and will also bring up Brandon Moss for the minors to replace Eric Hinske on the roster, as he will be away for the entire Angels series. He's been having personal problems, as his grandmother recently passed away and his wife is going through a difficult pregnancy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Eric and his family at this difficult time in their lives.

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Michael Leggett said...

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