Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beckett's the First to 15

Josh Beckett became the American League's first 15-game winner, throwing 8 2/3 of shutout ball, before allowing 2 runs, as the Red Sox rolled to a 6-2 win at Fenway Park South, aka Camden Yards. (There looked like there was more Red Sox fans there on Saturday then there was on Friday night. They sure sounded louder.)

J.D. Drew had three hits, and Dustin Pedroia continued his red-hot hitting, driving in two, as the Red Sox bounced back nicely from Friday night's devastating loss.

The Red Sox remain five games up, as the Cleveland Indians rolled over and played dead to the Yankees again, losing big, 11-2.

Did anyone else notice that when Beckett was taken out in the bottom of the ninth, he practically sprinted off the mound, into the dugout and down the steps to the clubhouse? It was probably because of one of two things. He was either royally miffed at himself for not getting the shutout, or really needed to get to a bathroom quickly. (I believe it was the former.)

Curt Schilling goes for the Red Sox today, as they seek to win this series, and go 5-4 on this nine-game road trip. They head back to Fenway after today's game to face Tampa Bay for three and the LA Angels for four over the weekend.

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