Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tower Village Becoming Toys "R" Us

I was in Greenwich Village yesterday, and I walked past my old haunt, the old Tower Records store on East 4th Street and Broadway (pictured). It has been empty since last December 22, when the chain officially closed for good. I had been wondering who was going to take over that very valuable piece of real estate. Yesterday I finally found out who will.

I saw a sign in the window on Broadway that said that Toys "R" Us will be taking over, and they will be "open in time for the holidays." I would guess it will be up and running by late November, around Thanksgiving.

I will definitely check out the new store when it does open. I would also bet it will be one of the more surreal experiences of my life when I do walk in there.

I thought Tower would be there forever. I was proven wrong.


Peter N said...

Talk about memories to come as you stroll through those hallowed halls, so changed!

Steel36 said...

My Tower closed in March of '06. In July a StoreHouse frou frou furniture store.

It was bizarre walking in there. I saw an exposed outlet on the floor and I thought "this was where the anime DVDS were." I walked back to the old art room. The paint splotches and mess were still there on the floor!! I had to walk out because it just got too much.

The Storehouse chain went Chapter 7 at exactly the same time Tower did in October of '06. Tower karma had one last laugh and that space still sits vacant.