Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red Sox Acquire Chris Carter

I heard yesterday that the Red Sox picked up a player from the Arizona Diamondbacks (through the Washington Nationals) to complete the Wily Mo Pena trade. It is a minor league first baseman named Chris Carter. When I heard the name I immediately thought of the two gentlemen both pictured here.

The man on the top is Cris Carter (note the spelling), one of my all-time favorite Minnesota Viking players and future NFL Hall of Famer. (I still have an number 80 Cris Carter jersey in my closet.) And the photo at the bottom is of Chris Carter, the creator of one of my all-time favorite science fiction series, "The X-Files."

Actually the Chris Carter in question is a young 24-year old first baseman who's put up very good numbers in the Pacific Coast League this year. For Tucson he hit .324, with 18 home runs and 84 RBI. Here is his profile, courtesy of Minor League baseball web site:

I've always liked guys with his name, so maybe he can become a good player with the Red Sox one day. I wonder if he will become my third "all-time favorite" Chris Carter?


Suldog said...

What a great receiver Carter was! Poetry in motion!

Anonymous said...

Ehh. Like Al Davis said, all Cris Carter did is catch touchdowns ;-)

The Omnipotent Q said...

And he sure did it very well...The Vikings need someone like him now.