Wednesday, August 29, 2007


ESPN's Jim Caple, who I've never been a fan of and once was allegedly a Red Sox fan, wrote this piece of dreck on the ESPN web site today.

As a proud Red Sox fan who has supported the team through thick and thin, I say this on behalf of the entire Nation:
Blow it out your ass, Caple.


Michael Leggett said...

Caple thinks we can't have fun? We're supposed to be miserable & depressed? We, UNLIKE Yankees Fans, have a deep apreciation & passion for our Sawx:

We ONLY appreciate our team, when winning? Caple doesn't know that Fenway Park is sold out all the time? Is he an UTTER Moron? Does he remember WHEN the Yankees were NOT in Postseason? Where were those fans, save for Derek Jeter Salary Growth Chart Day & F-Rod Lip Gloss Day, Bat Day, Ball Day & Cap Day. Red Sox Fans DON'T need Cheesy Promotions to be drawn to the park;

The Red Sox started averaging over 2M fans per year, beginning with 1985, in years where the Yankees really BLEW;

Caple is ADDED to BOTH my "Riviera" List & my "M.Donald Grant-Dick Young" List, for he has committed Consumate TREACHERY.

Anonymous said...

This kind of garbage is why I hate S! (f.k.a ESPN). This will not go without a terse response.

Steel36 said...

Yo Caple,

Kiss My Royal Irish Ass. Playing to the Yankee jagoffs, are ya? Come after Steeler Nation next you low class journalism in a cheerios box asswipe, and I know it was you wanted to have Derek Jeter's baby, you idiot.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Well said, gentlemen...