Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Classy Gesture From Wily Mo

I saw in today's Boston Herald that Wily Mo Pena, the newest Washington National (who hit his second homer for the Nats last night), released a statement on Sunday through his new team, thanking the Red Sox fans for their support. Here it is:

“To my sisters, brothers and fans of the Red Sox Nation. I want to take a moment to thank you and the entire Red Sox organization for your support during my time in Boston. Your constant passion for baseball and your beloved Red Sox is unmatched and has touched me deeply. I will always consider you with a special place in my heart.

“The Red Sox organization deserves only the best and the Red Sox Nation is just that. Peace in life, Wily Modesto Pena.”

A really classy move from a player who by all accounts was a really good guy. He was good with the press and fans and worked hard to improve his game. Boston simply wasn't a good fit for Wily Mo, and the Sox may have done him a favor by sending him to Washington, where he may get a chance to play every day. If he does and plays well, good for him.

All the best in D.C., Wily Mo. Sorry Boston didn't work out for you.

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Anonymous said...

Good for him. I wish WMP all the best. What a class move.