Friday, August 17, 2007

So Long Wily Mo, We Hardly Knew Ye

As was expected today, the Red Sox finally and mercifully ended The Wily Mo Pena Era in Boston, as he was traded to the Washington Nationals along with cash considerations for the dubious player to be named later.

My friend Eddie in Maryland, a huge Nats fan, won't like this.

Clay Buchholz was added to the roster as Pena was dealt to the Nats. He has always been a favorite of washington GM Jim Bowden, who had him in Cincinnati. The Red Sox tried to move Pena there in the off-season as they attempted to get Chad Cordero. But that never became anything.

The Red Sox finally publicly admitted what everyone else in baseball was saying, that the trade for Bronson Arroyo last season was a complete and total bust. Pena never got an opportunity to play regularly, and he clearly was noy a fourth outfielder. He may get the chance to play every day in Washington. If he does succeed in Washington, God bless him. It just wasn't going to happen for him in Boston.

The Red Sox only got a player to be named in the deal, but that doesn't matter. It was addition by subtraction. A valuable roster spot is now opened to Jacoby Ellsbury, and probably soon to Bobby Kielty.

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