Tuesday, April 03, 2007

20,000th Visitor And More

Yesterday was amazing day here at The Mighty Quinn Media Machine. My Site Meter numbers went crazy on Monday, and I had over 220 hits for the entire day. It's a ways off the most I've ever had for one day (that is 338, which happened last November). But what is interesting about it is that it wasn't a link from a more well-known site that brought so many visitors here (Gawker.com did that last November).

It seems to be a combination of things that brought more and more people here. The article I wrote about Rosie O'Donnell brought a few people here who found it off blog searches, but for some reason, I had many people come here through the Doug Mirabelli comic article I posted back last July yesterday. (I guess the Red Sox opener got people in that kind of mood.)

But my numbers have been steadily increasing the last couple of months because people are finding my site through Google Images. (I am now consistently getting over 100 hits per day.) I put a lot of pictures up here through Google, and visitors end up here. It's not any one thing, put many of the more famous ones I've put up. The Iwo Jima flag raising, the soccer World Cup trophy and the Ground Zero Cross seem to be most popular pictures that bring people here.

Shortly after 9 PM last night, I had the 20,000th visitor to my site, a person from Manhattan. That number goes back to last April 20th, when I first put the Site Meter up on my blog. And even yesterday while I was watching the Red Sox game, I had a few people come up to me and tell me they have been checking my blog out. That's always a boost to the ego!

I may have the mystery solved as to why I couldn't see the "Impossible To Forget" documentary last weekend here in New York. Michael from Random Fandom called NESN and asked about it and was told that since the film used certain MLB footage, it could not be seen outside the Red Sox market, New England. So I guess the documentary was blacked out everywhere but New England. I guess I'll have to keep waiting to see it, but I heard from more than one person it was very good and I appear often in it. I've been promised a copy of the DVD, so I'll see it when I get that.


Suldog said...


Saw you in the NESN show, you handsome bastard. Maybe a few hits came about as a result of that, too?

Christine E. said...

Hey Quinn:

Can ui Have your autograph? :-)

Congratulations on 20K hits--wow....It'll take me 5 years to do that...LOL

Something to look forward to: A win tomorrow night?

Hope you are well!

Go Sox!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Glad you got to see it, Suldog. I have noticed a few more people coming to my blog by doing searches regarding the documentary. Handsome bastard? I think you're the first person ever to call me that LOL....

Thanks also for the kind words, Christine. You can have my autograph...for a price...LOL
Hope you are doing well, too...
A win on Wednesday would be very nice....