Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trivia Night Change Next Week

Attention all Trivia players at Professor Thom's: tonight will be the final night of trivia on Tuesday nights. Beginning next week, Trivia Night will move to Mondays, the day it originally was when the bar first opened. It is being moved back now that the Red Sox season has begun, and they will have games every Tuesday night (except for the All-Star break). The Red Sox also have games on Monday nights, but they have many off-days on Mondays as well, so that necessitates the move.

The starting time on Monday nights will also be at 9 PM, except on those Mondays when the Red Sox play late-night games out west (the first one isn't until June 4), and the starting times those nights will be moved up to 8 PM.

We hope that is not a major inconvenience to our regular players. We will switch back to Tuesday nights once again in September, when the NFL season starts and Monday Night Football returns.

As for tonight's Trivia, "The Q Train" lightning round will return, but there will be no multiple choice special category. "Quantity 1-10 Trivia" will return again, along with the three other regular categories.

Hope to see many of you tonight!

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