Monday, April 23, 2007

Trivia's On For Tonight

Tonight is another night of Monday Night Trivia. Last Monday was a difficult transition back to Mondays, as the bad weather kept a lot of people away (and I'm sure many people may not have realized the changeover). But the weather can't be an excuse as it will be a spectacular day today. So I hope to see many of you tonight.

The Red Sox are playing the Toronto Blue Jays tonight at 7, so we may start Trivia at about 9:30. It will depend on the number of people in the bar and when the game concludes. Tonight's categories are Current Events, General Knowledge, IQ Trivia, Quantity 1-10 and True Or False (that will be the lightning round).

Here is the Sneak Peek question:

Which 15-year-old actress' Calvin Klein jeans ad in the 1980s caused much controversy?

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