Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Wouldn't Give The Bum A Mop Job

I usually avoid sports talk radio like the plague here in New York. It's a haven for nitwits and total morons. The intelligence level of these shows is unspeakably low, especially when they open up the phone lines. And speaking of morons, this afternoon I was changing channels and came across "The Mike and The Mad Dog Show" on the YES network, which is also heard on WFAN.

"Fatso and Fruit Loops" (a name Don Imus called them in one of his rarer funny moments) were babbling on about the Mets and their hot pitching staff, which is currently leading the NL in ERA. (They went on and on during the spring about how it was a total disaster, on a day when I once again stopped to listen to their ranting. Fortunately, it was mercifully brief.)

I only listened for a few minutes today, as I couldn't find anything more intellectually stimulating, like professional wrestling, on TV. Chris Russo, aka Fruit Loops, came out with a real beauty today about John Maine (pictured), who is currently 3-0 with a 1.70 ERA. It made me wonder what this total jackass uses for brains.

"I don't care if Maine goes 30-0, I don't want him pitching in a big game. No way."

Hey, Russo, did you ever once check your facts before mouthing such stupidity? John Maine started GAME 6 for the Mets in the National League Championship Series against the Cardinals last year, when the Mets were 3-2 down in the series. And, with the Mets season on the line, here is Maine's numbers:
5.1 innings, 2 hits, 0 earned runs allowed, 4 walks, 5 strikeouts.

Pretty damn good for a guy pitching with his team's season on the line, no? The Mets won the game, 4-2, and forced Game 7. And because John Maine came up big when the Mets needed him most, the series went to a deciding Game 7.

I am truly amazed that someone like Chris Russo has a position in sports radio that he has. This is just one example of the bird brain he is. But he and Mike Francesa, he the arrogant blowhard Yankee fan to Russo's marble-mouth nincompoop, bring in ratings in afternoon drive, as I guess some people find these nitwits entertaining.

(I should also say, as a matter of full disclosure, I was also really pissed at these two idiots because right after the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, they bashed Fox bigtime for showing the Riviera Cafe in New York, which I was at, during Game 4. If they did their homework that day, they would have known that Fox was asked not to film in any Boston bars by the Boston's mayor because of the death of Victoria Snelgrove after the Red Sox won the AL pennant. So Fox came to the Riv in New York, because of all the Sox fans there. But that's just one of many times they pissed me off.)

This makes me think of that line from "Casino," when Robert DeNiro turns to Don Rickles and complains about a dumb local guy who has a casino position because of who he knows in Las Vegas: "I wouldn't give the bum a mop job."

Even if he did get one, I bet Russo still wouldn't shut his big yapper as he was mopping the floor.


Ken K. said...

I totally agree about sports talk radio John.

I blame Jim Rome for making every American male think that they too can be a radio host.

"Have a take and do not suck."

Jeez. I heard one of those guys you mentioned is a Giants fan, so he can't be all bad. But pontificating morons like that chap my hide.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Russo is a huge SF Giants fan,Ken, and a Yankees hater, his only redeeming feature.

Steel36 said...

reminds me a Dennis Leary joke.

"Stevie Ray Vaughan is dead and we can't get Jon Bon Jovi on a helicopter."

People with talent and brains have no chance. Morons will last forever.

Michael Leggett said...

"Gee, I dunno, Dog, but FOX was really on top of its' game":

Marble Mouth:
"Tim Mc Carver was really @ the top of his game";

This is the extent of "Intelligent" talk on "Mike & The Mad Dog" on "The FAN";


The Omnipotent Q said...

Very sad, but also very true, Steel...