Monday, April 30, 2007

New Categories For Trivia Tonight

Tonight's Trivia will include two categories I've decided to use. To honor the New Orleans Jazz Festival that's going on now, I'm including a category of New Orleans Trivia, which will also be multiple choice (thanks Rob). I am also including a category called "British/American Words," in which I will say a uniquely British term, and you have to give me the American equivalent. I will also be including Current Events, General Knowledge and IQ Trivia tonight.

Here's today's Sneak Peek question:

In 1860, which was the first state to secede from the Union?

See you all tonight!

1 comment:

The Angry Tech said...

New Orleans trivia? I'm a shoe-in! As long as all the questions are about the floors of divey voodoo dixieland blues bars...

Good choice, Q. I look forward to the questions. In return, I'll take the opportunity to introduce you & your readers to two of two of the best acts in N'awlins. Dig the tracks by Big Al Carson and The Tin Men at the BlueDuck Music Gallery