Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You Make Up This Picture's Caption

My friend Adam sent me another classic photo. It is a picture of everyone's favorite whipping boy, Mr. Image Conscious himself, Alex Rodriguez, getting a "massage" from The Late Show With David Letterman's own, Biff Henderson, during a recent bit for the show.

Oh, that A-Rod. What a card. He'll do anything to make people happy.

Adam also sent me some classic dialogue from "Seinfeld" to go with it. I think it is very appropriate to the above photo.


George enters acting nervous.
Jerry: What's with you?
George: A...
Jerry: Yes, A...?
George: A man gave me...
Jerry: Yes, a man gave you...?
George: A man gave me... a massage.
Jerry: So?
George: So he... had his hands and, uh, he was...
Jerry: He was what?!
George: He was... touching and rubbing.
Jerry: That's a massage.
George: And then I took my pants off.
Jerry: You took your pants off?
George: For my hamstring.
Jerry: Oh.
George: He got about two inches from... there.
Jerry: Really?
George: I think it moved.
Jerry: Moved?
George: It may have moved, I don't know.
Jerry: I'm sure it didn't move.
George: It moved! It was imperceptible but I felt it.
Jerry: Maybe it just wanted to change positions? You know, shift to the otherside.
George: No, no. It wasn't a shift, I've shifted, this was a move.
Jerry: Okay, so what if it moved?
George: That's the sign! The test; if a man makes it move.
Jerry: That's not the test. Contact is the test, if it moves as a result of contact.
George: You think it's contact? It has to be touched?
Jerry: That's what a gym teacher once told me.


Suldog said...

That was a hilarious Seinfeld episode. Of course, that's like saying Wakefield threw a knuckleball. Most of them are.

Interestingly, whenever I get a massage, I always request a male. Female touch arouses me, so I can't enjoy the massage itself without becoming all sexually charged. A male touching me does nothing for my libido, so I can just enjoy the massage itself.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I certainly understand where you're coming from Suldog, but I prefer a woman for a massage myself...