Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trivia Q&A: December 20

It definitely was a quieter night on Wednesday in terms of attendance at Professor Thom's, as there were just seven teams playing. But we did have one team of over one dozen players named Orpheus playing. And they made their presence known in many undeniable ways, as it seemed like every question they got right was cause for a loud celebration.

It was actually a great game that came down to the last round. They edged out Team Name by just one point. But I did hear a few complaints from other teams that they were too large, and that it wasn't fair that a team of that size competes against teams of two or three players. I don't necessarily think a large team has such a great advantage, but we did discuss after trivia was finished on imposing a limit to the size a team can be. We were thinking maybe it should be 5 or 6, but nothing has been decided yet.

We still had a terrific game, and hopefully we will have the next Trivia contest on Tuesday night, December 26. That has not been decided yet, so stay to my site for more info when it becomes available.

Current Events
1. Authorities say that one of three missing climbers on Mt. Hood was found dead on Sunday. In which state is Mt. Hood? Oregon
2. A suspect was arrested in the prostitute slayings in England on Monday. In which English city did the murders take place? Ipswich
3. Who did Time Magazine select as its "Person Of The Year" for 2006? "You"
4. Which film, which was newly released last Friday, was number one at the box office last weekend? The Pursuit Of Happyness
5. Which NBA team did the Knicks get into a huge brawl with last Saturday at MSG? Denver Nuggets
6. The New York Daily News selected this man as their "New Yorker of the Year" for 2006. Michael Bloomberg
7. Democratic senator Tim Johnson needed emergency brain surgery last week, possibly altering the Senate balance of power if he did not survive. Which state does he represent? South Dakota
8. Seven people were found dead in a duplex in a small town in which Midwestern state? Missouri
9. This TV talk show bigwig is planning on producing two prime time "feel good" reality shows next year. Oprah Winfrey
10. This blonde bombshell was chosen as "worst celebrity dog owner" for 2006 by The Hollywood Dog Magazine. Britney Spears

New York City Trivia
1. Which NYC thoroughfare is actually 150 miles long and one of the world's longest streets? Broadway
2. Which art museum located in NYC is the largest art museum in the Western hemisphere? Metropolitan Museum of Art
3. Which NYC bridge was designed by John Roebling? Brooklyn Bridge
4. At which place in NYC is there an ice skating rink erected every winter under a statue of Prometheus? Rockefeller Center
5. How many total floors does the Empire State Building have? 102
6. What avenue is the dividing line between East Side and West Side in Manhattan? 5th Avenue
7. What other name is Avenue of the Americas known as? 6th Avenue
8. Which spiral-shaped museum in NYC was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? Guggenheim
9. Which NYC-based film was based on a 1958 novella written by Truman Capote? Breakfast at Tiffany's
10. Which is the only NYC borough that isn't located on an island? The Bronx

General Knowledge
1. What is the symbol of the astrological sign Aries? Ram
2. What is the official currency of the nation of Australia? Dollar
3. Which US city had the first full-time police department? New York
4. Which ocean covers more of the earth's surface than all of the earth's land area? Pacific
5. What bird did Benjamin Franklin want to be named the national symbol instead of the bald eagle? turkey
6. Which US president is credited with inventing a device to lift grounded boats off sandbars? Abe Lincoln
7. What material is usually associated with a first wedding anniversary? paper
8. What city held the 1980 Summer Olympics which was participated in by American athletes? Moscow
9. The US relinquished control over what area of the world on December 31, 1999? Panama Canal
10. Name the four US presidents whose faces appear on Mt. Rushmore, looking left to right. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln

TV Trivia
1. Which character on "The Simpsons" shot Mr. Burns? Maggie Simpson
2. Where is the Tv show "Lost" actually filmed? Hawaii (Oahu)
3. How many seasons was George Clooney a regular on "ER?" 5
4. On "All In The Family," what was Mike Stivic (The Meathead)'s national origin? Polish
5. "The Tortellis" was a short-lived spinoff of which classic TV series? "Cheers"
6. What branch of the government did Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work for in "The X-Files?" FBI
7. Which character did DeForest Kelley play on the original "Star Trek" series? Dr. Bones McCoy
8. On the classic series "Married With Children," who sang the opening theme song? Frank Sinatra
9. What was the name of the fictional coffee shop featured in the TV series, "Friends?" Central Perk
10. Name 3 of the 5 overall champions from "American Idol." Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks

Christmas Trivia
1. The web site Retrocrush named "Wonderful Christmas Time" by this artist as the worst Christmas tune of all-time. Paul McCartney
2. Which country began the tradition of serving mince pie at Christmas? England
3. On which other day do Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas? Epiphany (Little Christmas, January 6)
4. What was Scrooge's first name? Ebenezer
5. In "A Charlie Brown Christmas," how many cents does Lucy charge for her psychiatric services? 5 cents
6. Which classic movie does NBC show just once during the Christmas season? "It's A Wonderful Life"
7. Which classic Christmas poem was written by Clement Moore? "A Visit From St. Nicholas" ("Twas The Night Before Christmas")
8. Which 1990 movie told of a boy's experience when two men break into his house during Christmas? "Home Alone"
9. Which 1950s crooner was a co-author of the classic Yule tune, "The Christmas Song?" Mel Torme
10. Name 5 of the 9 reindeer who pulled Santa Claus' sleigh. Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donder, Blitzen, Cupid and Comet

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