Thursday, December 14, 2006

Trivia Q&A: December 13

We had another great edition of Trivia Night last night, on a Wednesday due to the Bill Lee party on Tuesday. There was a large group of University of Massachusetts alumni having a get together at Professor Thom's last night, and many decided to join in. We had 12 teams playing, and a group called Banco Popular were the winners, and by just one point over the second and third-place teams. I included two categories that I originally intended to do in honor of The Spaceman's appearance: "Baseball Movies Trivia" and "Space Trivia." They both went down pretty well.

We should have our regular Tuesday Night Edition of Trivia again next week.

So here are the questions and answers from last night:

Current Events
1. This reality TV star was arrested Monday for DUI, driving the wrong way and marijuana possession. Nicole Richie
2. This foreign language film was number one at the box office last week, its opening week. Apocalypto
3. Christmas trees in this city's airport were pulled when a rabbi asked for a menorah to be displayed there. Seattle
4. A report says that the Secret Service secretly bugged this late icon's phone the night she died. Princess Diana
5. Augusto Pinochet, onetime dictator of this nation, died this past Sunday at the age of 91. Chile
6. This pop star was recently named to be the halftime act at this February's Super Bowl. Prince
7. California is set to take over the title of the nation's leading cheese producer from which other state? Wisconsin
8. This fact-based September 11 drama won the New York Film Critics Circle Award on Monday. "United 93"
9. Nearly 3 dozen people fell ill with e.coli symptoms in a Taco John's restaurant in this state. Iowa
10. This talk show host was criticized for making a joke on TV last week that offended some Asian people. Rosie O'Donnell

Space Trivia
1. What is the name of the galaxy that Earth is a part of? Milky Way
2. Who was the first American to orbit the Earth? John Glenn (1962)
3. What was the name of the first satellite sent into space by the Russians in 1957? Sputnik
4. In what year did the last astronauts of Apollo 17 walk on the moon? 1972
5. Earlier this year, which celestial body was declassified as a planet? Pluto
6. Which Russian cosmonaut was the first man in space in 1961? Yuri Gagarin
7. What was the name of the flying space labratory, launced by the US in the early 1970s? Skylab
8. Within 5 million, how many miles away from the sun is Earth? 93 million
9. What the name of the first space shuttle, launched in April 1981? Columbia
10. What was the name of the space shuttle that exploded shortly after launch in January 1986? Challenger

TV Trivia
1. Which current TV talk show host almost single-handedly made the word "truthiness" a word in the dictionary? Stephen Colbert
2. This Emmy-winning actor and star of "Young Frankenstein" passed away on Tuesday at the age of 71. Peter Boyle
3. Name 1 of the 3 shows that were spinoffs from the classic TV series "Happy Days." "Laverne and Shirley," "Mork and Mindy," and "Joanie Loves Chachi"
4. Which TV family lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane? The Munsters
5. Who was the first overall winner on "American Idol?" Kelly Clarkson
6. Who is the host of "Show Me The Money?" William Shatner
7. Jerry Stiller portrayed which character on "Seinfeld?" Frank Costanza
8. Which cable TV show is hosted by James Lipton? "Inside The Actors Studio"
9. In which NYC borough is "The Honeymooners" set in? Brooklyn
10. Which legendary comedy series ended its seven-year run with the entire cast singing, "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" in its final scene? "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"

Baseball Movies Trivia
1. A ragtag group of Cleveland Indians overachieve despite their skinflint owner and challenge the New York Yankees. (1988) Major League
2. The 1919 Chicago White Sox win the AL pennant and dump the World Series, creating the biggest scandal in the history of baseball. (1989) Eight Men Out
3. A touching story of a big-time ML pitcher and his roommate catcher, who is secretly dying of Hodgkin's Disease. (1974) Bang The Drum Slowly
4. A voice tells a farmer to build a baseball diamond in his cornfield, and the ghosts of baseball's past return. (1989) Field of Dreams
5. A Boston Red Sox player suffers a mental breakdown, but makes a successful return to the big leagues. (1957) Fear Strikes Out
6. An over-the-hill catcher tries to straighten out a raw young pitcher while sharing the affections of a "Baseball Annie." (1987) Bull Durham
7. The story of a future Hall of Famer and his memorable exit from the game right after being diagnosed with a fatal disease. (1942) Pride of the Yankees
8. An aging ballplayer makes a return to the game after his career was derailed when he was shot by a mysterious woman. (1984) The Natural
9. A former pitching prospect and high school coach tries out for a minor league team in his 30s and makes it all the way to the Major Leagues. (2002) The Rookie
10. A baseball legend tells his authorized biography to a writer, and the writer is torn between telling his version or the real truth. (1994) Cobb

General Knowledge
1. At which place in the United States has the most suicides in history occurred at? The Golden Gate Bridge
2. In which state was the first umpired basketball game played in? Massachusetts
3. Which actor made his screen debut in "The Big Chill" playing a corpse? Kevin Costner
4. In which city did the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929 occur? Chicago
5. In 1935, a cartoon character debuted named Happy Rabbit. Under what name is he better known today? Bugs Bunny
6. Which famous person did John Hinckley attempt to kill? President Ronald Reagan
7. Which soft drink did John Pemberton create in 1886? Coca-Cola
8. Which record company was founded by Berry Gordy? Motown Records
9. Which of the original 13 states was the last to ratify the Constitution? Rhode Island
10. Name 3 of the last 5 men to hold the office of Vice-President of the United States. Walter Mondale, George H.W. Bush, Dan Quayle, Al Gore, Dick Cheney

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