Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Real Or Not Real

I hope all of you out their are enjoying the Christmas holiday. I had a very nice day on Monday, as I had a houseful of relatives over, namely my five sisters and my eight nieces and nephews.

Santa was good to me. I received a snazzy new leather jacket and lot of new shirts. I'm always grateful for all the gifts I receive.

My niece Caitlin brought over one of the gifts she just received: the interactive "Deal Or No Deal" game. I do like the TV show on NBC, but they go in for too much theatrics at times. But the DVD is really good, and I have a feeling I may go out and get it myself!

I played it yesterday with my 10-year-old nephew Danny. We played against each other, to see who could make the best deal at the end. Danny was beating me most of the way, as I picked out the $1 million and $750,000 cases almost immediately. Danny proved to be quite an adept young player.

With about four cases left, Danny was offered $315,000 by the banker, which he wisely took. So I had to keep going, as there was still a $400,000 case remaining. Eventually I was down to two cases: a $75,000 one and a $400,000 one. I had little choice but to go for it if I was going to win. It was between case #12 and the one I originally picked: #24. I stayed with number #24. (I kept thinking of Manny Ramirez...what would Manny do? Probably ask for a trade I would imagine...)

And lo and behold: it was the $400,000 case!! Danny was shocked, as he thought for sure he had me beat. I raised my arms in victory, but I really wished this could have been real. It was just for fun, but we all had a good time.

And I think they've got me hooked. It's a really fun interactive game.


Anonymous said...

haha i got that game too=]

Anonymous said...

and i am also hooked on it already in 1 day=]

YourSisterNancy said...

Brother - you fail to mention your nephew Danny is 10!!!!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Sorry I left out Danny's age. I've since made the correction.