Monday, October 29, 2012

Trivia Is Postponed For This Week

As all of you know, the effects of Hurricane Sandy were devastating in Manhattan, with terrible flooding. The subways will be shut down for the rest of this week.

So that means that Yours Truly will not be able to get into Manhattan, and that means no Trivia at Professor Thom's this week.

We hope to have our next Trivia Night either next Tuesday, November 6th or Wednesday night, November 7th. (With Election Night happening next Tuesday, no decision has been made yet as to which night we will have it on.)

Please stay safe everyone, and I hope to see you all at Thom's next week.


Lt Wilbs said...

I vote for Wednesday, rather than Election Night, John. I think based on the number of political team names each week, you're going to have quite a few regulars glued to their TVs when the polls close.

The Omnipotent Q said...

That's the debate, Lt. I asked a few of the regulars last week about Election Night Trivia and they were actually split. I'm sure many want to watch the returns (I bet Thom's will have it on their TVs), but we won't have a winner until after midnight. We'll make a decision about next week by this weekend.