Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Stink of 2012 Just Can't Shut Up

I felt an utter sigh of relief as John Farrell was introduced as Red Sox manager at Fenway yesterday.

I also felt like I got my team back in many ways.

And as that was going on, last year's Master of Disaster, Bobby Valentine, talked to Bob Costas last night on the NBC Sports Network and basically said that David Ortiz quit on the team once the big trade with the Dodgers was made on August 25th. Ortiz was one of Valentine's biggest defenders during the season, and it's odd Valentine going after him, as he exited Boston last month not throwing brickbats at anyone.

And today, Allan at The Joy of Sox has an interesting article calling out more of The Smartest Guy In The Room's BS in the incident with Will Middlebrooks, that it turns out, never happened.

Allan has a great title for the article: How Can You Tell Bobby Valentine Is Lying? His Lips Are Moving.

Valentine can't take his 2013 salary, which he didn't earn, and just go off into the sunset and leave everyone alone. Nope, he simply can't keep his mouth shut, and will now spin the 2012 disaster to make himself look as good as possible.

Whatever. Getting involved with this loser was a mistake from the get-go. (I tried to convince myself it could work at the time of his hiring. Silly me.)

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