Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bad Night For The Beltway

The Baltimore Orioles gave it a good run to get to the ALDS, but came up short to the Yankees in five games.

I didn't see a pitch of it, as I don't watch postseason Yankee baseball.

And what happened to the Washington Nationals is still leaving me shaking my head. A 6-0 lead went down the drain, as the St. Louis Cardinals pecked away, and scored 4 runs in the ninth for an incredible 9-7 win. This is a Cardinals team that could take this and run straight to a second straight improbable title.

Last night brought back painful memories for me of the 1986 World Series and 2003 ALCS. But fortunately, they are now distant memories, made far less painful by the events of the last decade.

Nats fans, including my friend Eddie, are really hurting today. I can only say that your boys will be back. They have a terrific nucleus of young talent, and they will learn from this experience. They should be motivated for a good run in 2013.

How about a Giants-Tigers World Series? Sounds good to me.

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