Sunday, October 07, 2012

Is There Still Baseball Going On?

It was a great weekend for me, as Notre Dame absolutely whacked Miami, 41-3, on Saturday night at Soldier Field in Chicago.

I do hope for one thing: they won't wear those hideous uniforms again (see above).

Notre Dame is now 5-0, and play Stanford at South Bend next Saturday.

While in the NFL, the Vikings ran roughshod over the Tennessee Titans, 30-7, and are now tied for first with the Chicago Bears at 4-1. They now have one more win than they had in all of 2011.

Skol Vikings!

I should have more weekends like this. It's making me forget how absolutely forgettable baseball was this past summer.

And congratulations to Terry Francona, as he is returning to MLB, as manager of the Cleveland Indians.

I said to anyone who would listen after he was let go last year that he would take a year off, do some broadcasting, and return to the dugout. I wish him nothing but the best (except when his Indians play the Red Sox).

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