Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trivia Q&A: May 10

We had 19 teams in on a night where we didn't have to worry about a Celtics or Bruins playoff game on a Tuesday night in some time.

We had some strong numbers for 1-10 Trivia, with 10 teams getting a perfect score. We also saw 5 teams get perfect scores in General Knowledge. But one team almost pulled off something never accomplished on Trivia Night before.

The winning team was By The Way, You Are All Extras In "John Quinn Does Dallas" (my name popped up in three teams names tonight, as the MLB Network was in filming a short video of the bar for the Red Sox game in New York on Friday) and they had a perfect score through the first four rounds, and got 4 of the 5 IQ Trivia questions correct. But they got the last question about the sport that originated in India incorrect. They won by three points, but I said to them afterwards that it was like losing a perfect game with two outs in the ninth inning. Tough break, but still a great job by Joe and his mates.

Second place went to Hasta La Vista, Maria with 48 points, and third place was a tie bewteen Now Clean Shaven For the Ladies of MLB and I'd Like to Seymour of John Quinn, Medicine Woman, both with 47.

A note about next week: there is a Bruins playoff game scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th at 8 PM, so we will have our Trivia Night next week on Monday, May 16th at 9 PM.

Best Team Name: By The Way, You Are All Extras In "John Quinn Does Dallas"

Current Events
1. The United Nations last week projected that the world's population will pass what landmark number this coming October 31?
2. Claude Choles, 110, Australia's oldest man, died last week. What was the other significance of his death?
3. New York socialite and businesswoman Nancy Shevell became engaged to what rock superstar last week?
4. What troubled pop singer voluntarily entered an out-patient rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment yesterday?
5. What iconic Oscar-winning director recently said in a new documentary coming out about him, "None of my films will be remembered?"
6. What celebrity friend of former baseball star Lenny Dykstra was rumored to have bailed him out of jail recently, but Dykstra's lawyer refuted the report as just a rumor?
7. Justin Verlander pitched his second career no-hitter last Saturday in a 9-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. What AL team does he pitch for?

May 10th Trivia
1. On this day in 1869, the First Trancontinental Railroad was completed, with the golden spike drilled in at Promontory Summit in what state?
2. In 1954, "Rock Around the Clock" by what legendary group is released, and becomes the first rock'n roll song to reach number 1 on the Billboard charts?
3. On this day in 1801, the Barbary pirates of Tripoli declared war on what distant country?
4. Rock singer Paul David Hewson was born on this date in 1960. Under what name is he better known?
5. On this day in 1503, what famous explorer discovered the Cayman Islands?
6. In 1865, what famous figure of the Confederacy was captured by Union troops in Georgia?
7. What Oscar-winning actress, who maybe better known these days for a tell-all memoir her daughter wrote about her detailing the actress' history of abuse, died on this day in 1977?

1-10 Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. The Beatles had a bizarre 8 minute song on "The White Album" called Revolution number what?
2. How many sides does a heptagon have?
3. How many elements of alchemy are there?
4. How many Chicago White Sox players were banned for life from MLB for fixing the 1919 World Series?
5. There are how many Abrahamic religions?
6. Taurus is what number sign of the Zodiac?
7. What is the number of Supreme Court justices needed to render a majority decision?
8. The British Prime Minister's residence is at what number on Downing Street?
9. How many points are there on a Star of David?
10. The total number of Al Qaeda leaders who were buried at sea on May 2nd.

General Knowledge
1.Who played the character Chandler Bing on the TV sitcom "Friends?" ( 1 pt)
2. What do the letters "D.C." stand for in Washington D.C.? ( 1 pt)
3. Axel Foley was the name of the cop played by what actor? ( 1 pt)
4. "Religion is the opiate of the people" is a quote attributed to what historic figure? ( 2 pt)
5. "They Call Me Mister Tibbs" was the 1970 sequel to which film? ( 2 pt)
6. In which South American country would you find the port city of Valparaiso? ( 2 pt)
7. In George Orwell's novel "Animal Farm," what type of animal was Boxer? ( 3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What fictional literary character died at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland? ( 4 points)|
2. What US lake is the world's largest freshwater lake? ( 3 points)
3. In 1649, what English king went on trial for treason and other crimes? ( 4 points)
4. "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" was the first novel of which 20th century writer? ( 4 points)
5. Which sport, originating in India, was originally called Poona? ( 5 points)

Current Events
1. 7 billion; 2. Last WWI veteran to die; 3. Paul McCartney; 4. Whitney Houston; 5. Woody Allen; 6. Charlie Sheen; 7. Detroit Tigers.

May 10th Trivia
1. Utah; 2. Bill Haley and His Comets; 3. USA; 4. Bono; 5. Christopher Columbus; 6. Jefferson Davis; 7. Joan Crawford.

1-10 Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. nine; 2. seven; 3. four; 4. eight; 5. three; 6. two; 7. five; 8. ten; 9. six; 10. one.

General Knowledge
1. Matthew Perry; 2. District of Columbia; 3. Eddie Murphy; 4. Karl Marx; 5. "In The Heat of the Night;" 6. Chile; 7. horse.

IQ Trivia
1. Sherlock Holmes; 2. Lake Superior; 3. Charles I; 4. James Joyce; 5. badminton.

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