Friday, May 20, 2011

Fox Ruins Baseball #5482

I was really looking forward to tomorrow night's Red Sox-Cubs game at Fenway, as both teams will be wearing throwback uniforms of the 1918 World Series, when both teams met each other, with the Red Sox winning it in six games.

I saw it was a 7 PM start, so I thought I'd be checking it out on the MLB package. But then I discovered that Fox is once again having a prime-time baseball game on Saturday, and they hijacked both the Red Sox game and the Mets-Yankees game as well.

You what that means for us living in New York. No Red Sox game in those throwback unis.

Damned Fox. Thanks for nothing.


Peter N said...

BOY, do I agree! No throwback uniforms at 7pm here. Fox CT. decided to televise the NY/NY game. I'm not a happy camper!

Michael Leggett said...

What FOX Sports does NOT understand is that there is a HUGE contingent of Red Sox Fans in the NYC Area, whether Native of New England or Native of Brooklyn:
Yesterday, I made an appearance on in a skit called "5 Seconds", while being recorded on a soundstage in a Closed Catholic School in Greenpoint, Brooklyn & there was a rather large production contingent of Red Sox Fans.
I do not care to see a non-competitive game being played by the Ponzi Scheme Mets & Evil Empire Yankees at this point in time.