Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Start To a Weekend In The Bronx

Huge, big time win in the Bronx on Friday night.

Adrian Gonzalez is unstoppable, blasting yet another home run, his sixth in the past week.

Clay Buchholz was solid for seven innings, allowing just a two-run homer that tied the game in the 5th. The bullpen continues to give me worry lines, as Daniel Bard gave up a run in the 8th and left the tying runs on base. And Jonathan Papelbon gave up another run to make it 5-4, before getting Mark Teixeira to pop up to end the game.

But for me, the best part of the game was Kevin Youkilis' two-run shot off the highly overrated Joba Chamberlain in the seventh that proved to be the difference. Always puts a smile on face to see Fat Joba get his, and it's a hundred times more special at the hands of Youk.

18-20, and the Sox remain five back of the first-place Rays.

And earlier today, David Ortiz was in the place of my former employment in Greenwich Village, and was seen spreading some love throughout the Village among some very less arrogant Yankees fans. Here's the video proof. And boy was it surreal seeing Big Papi on the floor of the former Tower store (the MLB Fan Cave), and in the immediate neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

As a huge anti-Joba fan, I loved last night. I'm with you- K-Youk, best part of game.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Could agree more, Toosoxy. Youk rules over Joba The Hutt!