Friday, April 20, 2007

Countdown To San Diego

I've updated my countdown clock at the top of my blog, and I've adjusted it to the weekend series when the Red Sox go out to San Diego, starting June 22. I will be going out there for that three game series, and I really can't wait to go back there.

San Diego is simply a gorgeous city. My dear friends Peggy and Ken are devoted Padres fans, and I went out to their wedding in August 2004. No trip out there would have been complete without a trip to Petco Park (pictured), so we saw the Padres play the Braves. The Braves won, 5-4, but I had a great time there.

Petco Park is simply a stunning new ballpark. It is located right in the heart of downtown San Diego, and its easy to get to. Ken gave me the complete tour of the park, and it was great to stand in the left field bleachers during batting practice waiting for a ball to be hit out there. (I didn't end up getting any however.) The coolest feature of the ballpark is the century-old warehouse, the Western Metal Supply Company, that was incorporated into the building of the park, in left-field.

My friends and I will be on opposite sides of the fence during the series, which is long sold out. There will be a large contingent of Red Sox Nation at the series, as there are thousands of expatriate New Englanders living in Southern California.

Two months until Red Sox-Padres. Should be a blast!

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Ken In San Diego said...

John - We can't wait for you to come out West this summer! We'll take you on a real (paid) tour of the ballpark that will include visits in the locker room, dugouts, the field, etc. I'm hoping for a great series with some good pitching matchups (Peavy vs. Dice K? Maddux vs. Schilling?)and close games. I'd like to see each team win a game and then Sunday the team that plays best 2-1 (with Big Papi going yard). We may be on the other side of the fence for those games but there's one thing we can agree on ... F the Yankees. Hope you guys take care of business this weekend. I think I speak for every non-Yankee fan when I say I'm sick of the A-Rod love fest on ESPN Sports Center and Baseball Tonight.