Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Your Typical Yankee Fan

I saw a letter to the editor in today's New York Post, and it definitely gave me a good chuckle. Today, the Post had a whole column of letters about the Yankees ALDS bomb out, and this one was my favorite:

Attention, all you Yankee-haters, this is a reminder: The Yankees have 26 World Championship titles. What do you have?

Catch up to us, and then you can talk.

Patty Marsibilio
The Bronx

The attitude this Yankee fan exhibits is exactly the reason why the Yankees as a franchise is so hated, not just by Red Sox and Mets fans, but around the country. It reminds me of what I call "The Yankee Fan Mantra":

"When all else fails, remind the world how many championships we've won."

There's only one thing I can say to you and your letter Ms. Marsibilio:


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Michael Leggett said...

When in doubt, bamboozle them with 26 World Championships:

They may not be recent history & those who tote that line, have nothing to say, anyway.