Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm Sorry I Missed This

I watched the Tigers-Yankees game on Saturday at home, and headed off to Professor Thom's bar to watch the Mets game there. But once I got there, my friend Steve told me an interesting story about what happened after the Tigers won the game.

There was a Yankee fan watching the game wearing a Johnny Damon shirt. Of course, Judas is totally reviled at PT's. When the Yankees lost (amid a host of Tigers fans there, as they also came to watch the Michigan football game), the guy took off his shirt and gave it to Jim the bartender. (I don't know if he gave it to Jim out of disgust for the Yankees or out of sheer terror.) Jim threw it on the floor, walked all over it, and used it to wipe off the bar. He then tore it into shreds and hung part of it on one of the TVs for everyone to see.

Jim rewarded the Yankee fan for his generosity by giving him a free drink.

I do love a story with a happy ending.


Michael Leggett said...

I talked to the fan in question:

He said that in being a real fan of the game, one has to remember that one's team canNOT be expected to win EVERY year & that MANY of the people in Yankee Stadium, unfortunately, have ridiculous expectations;

That was truly-spoken by a true aficionado-estudiente of the Game, as well as a good sport, who watched his Damon 18 Shirt, turned into a Bar Rag, who enjoyed an Adult Beverage on The House.

Peter N said...

Sounds like fun for all! We here at my place had a great time...the Yanks do provide great entertainment, especially Thurday through Saturday. And the Tigers are suddenly, at least for the next three weeks, my favorite team in active baseball. Lou for Joe? Huge error.......if it happens.