Saturday, October 28, 2006

What Yankee Hat?

You may remember a couple of months ago there was a story going around about how Jack Nicholson refused to wear a Red Sox hat in the new movie "The Departed" because of his love for his "beloved" Yankees. The film is set in Boston, and Nicholson plays a South Boston gangster.

I saw the film last week, and it's a terrific movie. It got some fabulous reviews and I can understand why. (Although some of the Boston accents are pretty bad, that doesn't take away from the film.) It's very well-written and acted, and "The Departed" should garner more than a few Oscar nominations. Martin Scorsese has added another classic to his growing legacy of quality films.

Nicholson plays a great bad guy, a man of pure evil. But he does NOT wear a Yankee hat in this film. He may have refused to wear a Red Sox cap, but near the end of the film, he's wearing a black baseball hat, but one without any kind of logo on it.

But I did see a framed picture of Keith Foulke and Doug Mientkiewicz jumping for joy after the last out of the Red Sox 2004 championship on the wall of an office of one of the cops in the movie. That was nice to see...


Michael Leggett said...

The Yankees are irrelevant, as they now suffer from C.O.A.R.O.D(The Curse Of A-Rod).

KAYLEE said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment and
that sounds like a good movie!!!!!

Suldog said...

They should've made him wear a Celtics jersey.