Thursday, October 12, 2006

His Murderers Let Him Down

As many of you readers know, I really detest most sportswriters, especially many of the boneheads who call themselves writers in the New York papers. I especially detest one Bill Madden, who writes for the New York Daily News. He has written with this huge anti-Red Sox bias for years and years. He seemed to gloat in his Sunday columns at every little thing that went wrong with the Red Sox for years.

I even wrote into the Daily News two years ago and in the letter I wrote said he was on "Steinbrenner's payroll." And the News, to their credit, printed my letter word-for-word. So earlier today, I was going through some newpapers from last week, I came across last Wednesday's News edition, the one where all the writers were fawning all over Derek Jeter and the Yankees win over the Tigers (their only one of the postseason). Madden wrote a column called "Bumble is the key to stumble." It was a column of Madden basically genuflecting at the Yankees' altar, but the last line of his piece made me bust out laughing. It was too good not to share:

"It doesn't appear as if Leyland's Tigers have the kind of pitching it's going to take to stop this modern-day Murderers' Row."

I love when jackasses like Madden are made to look like fools and have to eat a "nice big shitburger" (in the immortal words of Lou Brown, the Indians manager in the film "Major League").

So how did it taste, Billy?

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