Friday, October 20, 2006

Paul Brings Traffic My Way

It's funny the way things work sometimes. Over the past week, I've noticed more traffic coming into my site. Through Site Meter, I saw that a bunch of people had come here because of a photo I put up of Paul McCartney last June on his birthday (the same one featured here).

Most of the people had come here through Google Images, but I also discovered that a web site, I believe in Spain, had a group of pictures of Paul on their site, and one linked back to my site. I certainly thank them for that.

Most of the people who found my site through the picture were from Europe, from places like Sweden, Switzerland, and even Slovenia. (I wonder if that was my old friend Nika...)

I've also be getting some traffic to my site from people doing web image searches regarding the Ground Zero Cross as well, and they have generally been from all parts of the United States.

I would guess that Paul's divorce from Heather Mills, which has made big headlines, is the reason people are looking for pics and more info about him. Kind of funny that Paul's troubles are bringing more folks over to The Mighty Quinn Media Machine. For that I thank him.

But I've always been a big fan of Paul's and I wish him all the best that his marital troubles work out best for everyone involved.


Peter N said...

You know I am also a huge fan of Paul, as well as John, George and Richie. Paul made a monumental huge unfathomned tragic "so bad it hurts" error in opting for no pre-nup. And she, the nameless one who is more hated than Yoko WAS, (I say was because I don't hate her any longer) has really turned on the jets in her attack. Needless.

The Omnipotent Q said...

There's money, lots of it, for Heather Mills to grab, and she clearly is going for it.

I just hope Paul doesn't lose his shirt in this. Not signing a prenup was an awful move and will cost him plenty. I would guess now he just wants to be done with her. It will cost him but I'm sure he'll be fine.