Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two Out Of Four Ain't Bad

I batted .500 in my ALDS and NLDS predictions. I got the Mets and Tigers correct, but got the Cardinals and A's wins wrong. (I knew I should have gone with the A's, as they were AL darkhorse.) I was got all four series wrong in terms of how games they would go, but that doesn't matter. So now it's time for my League Championship Series predictions.

New York Mets vs. St. Louis Cardinals: The Mets so far have survived the losses of Pedro Martinez and Orlando Hernandez, as Willie Randolph has relied more on his bullpen when John Maine and Steve Trachsel faltered earlier. How long this philosophy will work is, of course, a great unknown. The Mets had an excellent NLDS from their hitters, but now it looks like Cliff Floyd maybe done for the season. Lastings Milledge may wind up being his replacement. The Cardinals got some terrific pitching in the NLDS, but had to use Chris Carpenter twice. They are without Jason Isringhausen for the year, but Adam Wainwright has filled in admirably. I think the Mets are heavy favorites to go the World Series for a good reason, but the Cardinals won't go down without a fight.

Mets in 6.

Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland A's: Those were three absolutely amazing wins by the Detroit Tigers this past weekend. The Tiger pitching, the starters and the bullpen, completely shut down the so-called best offense in baseball, and at times made the Yankees look totally foolish. The games pitched by Kenny Rogers and Jeremy Bonderman reminded me of the games Pedro Martinez and Derek Lowe pitched in the 2004 World Series. The Detroit offense was more than potent beating the Yankees. The A's took Minnesota out in straight sets, with timely hitting and tremendous pitching. They will be without Mark Ellis for the rest of the postseason, as he broke a finger in Minnesota. This has the possibility to be one of the best ALCS series ever. I like the Tigers, as they maybe on one of those rolls that takes them to a title. (Do the 2004 Red Sox ring a bell?)

Tigers in 7.

A Mets-Tigers World Series would be a great matchup, but in September I predicted a Mets-A's series, a rematch from 1973. I think either would be fun.

We'll see what happens.

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