Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday Random Thoughts

Well, the Rangers didn't pull off the miracle, having lost to the Devils, 4-2 at MSG. The Devils sweep the series and move on to round 2. Still, if you're a Ranger fan, you have to be proud to see how far the Rangers have come since 2004. No one picked the Rangers to make the playoffs this season, and they have a good nucleus for next year. But the Devils are on some incredible roll, and they can ride Martin Brodeur all the way to a championship. He is proving to be not just the best goalie in the NHL now, but one of the all-time greats.

I saw a bit of the NFL draft today, as I was interested in seeing where the top picks went. Mario Williams was the number one pick of the Houston Texans. He signed with them last night, so it was no surprise today. But still, when he was announced as the number one, the fans at Radio City Music Hall, where the draft was being held, booed him lustily. They are called "draftniks", made up mostly of brainless Jets fans. When D'Brickashaw Ferguson was selected by the Jets at number 4, many of them seemed to have no clue who he was (but many were shown applauding). He's a big time offensive lineman from Virginia who figures to be a staple there for the next decade. It was a good pick by the Jets. The Vikings took LB Chad Greenway from Iowa. Nice pick, as the Vikes have holes to fill at LB and in the secondary.

Chelsea defeated Manchester United, 3-0, to win the English Premiership for the second straight season, while Liverpool beat Aston Villa, 3-1, to pull into a tie with Man U for second place. Congrats to Chelsea for ruling the roost in England again.

The Red Sox need a victory in Tampa Bay tonight. They've now lost 6 of 8. Last night was one of those frustrating nights. The Sox had a man in scoring position in 7 of 9 innings, but could only cash in once (they left at least 11 on base total). Matt Clement didn't pitch well, as he put the Sox in a 4-0 hole after two innings. A lot of things are going wrong at the same time right now, and Lenny DiNardo takes the hill tonight.

A few prayers might not hurt right now.

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Michael Leggett said...

Many of those Brainless Jets Fans are also "Bleacher Creatures" so the bad apple doesn't stray far from the tree.