Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another Worthless Mets/Yankees Poll

Every baseball season in New York, one of the city's tabloid newspapers does what I consider to be an absolutely worthless poll of the city's baseball fans about who's really popular. Trust me when I say the poll isn't worth the price of the newspaper.

Today the New York Post has a "shocking new poll" (isn't everything in the Post "shocking"?) about the city's baseball fans. I won't go too much into it, but if you'd like to read the full article (if you have nothing better to do), here it is:


I've been a baseball fan and lived my entire life in New York City and I can tell you this. There is a hardcore group of Mets fans, a hardcore group of Yankees fans, and a large "gray area" of casual baseball fans among the rest (leaving out those who root for other teams outside the city). This group, which far outnumber all the hardcore fans combined, goes with the flow, or whichever New York team has had the more recent success. If this poll were taken in the early 1970s or mid-to-late 1980s, you'd see totally different results.

I think the spirit of the article was captured by the bartender from Queens who said, "It's easy to root for the Yankees. They've got 27 championships."

Would have been nice if he got his facts correct. You have to bet he's part of that huge "gray area."


Jere said...

That's classic. If I've learned one thing as a baseball fan in the tri-state area my whole life, it's that whenever a yankee "fan" brings up statistics, they will, without a doubt, 100% of the time, get something wrong.

Michael Leggett said...

yankees "Fans" are the most-noligibil fanz in basebawl;

No doubt, they are Tim Mc Carver's Official Source of Information;

& one wonders why he's wrong about 50% of the time;

In all of their 28 World Series Titles, u can bet on it;

How can you tell that a yankee fan is wrong?

His/Her lips are moving.

Michael Leggett said...
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Michael Leggett said...
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