Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The LMDC Just Doesn't Get It

I received another email about the LMDC and their plans for the memorial at Ground Zero from Dennis McKeon at http://www.where-to-turn.org. I thought I would share yet another example of what the family groups and their supporters are up against when it comes to the proper rememberance for those lost on September 11, 2001.

The LMDC has just named a Chief Curator for the Memorial Museum. We have no problem with Dr. Jan Seidler Ramirez as she is an ideal candidate for the job. We have worked with her in the past and she has been actively involved in the 9/11 recovery process.

Our problem is with the LMDC and the press release itself.

First of all an organization that has not raised a fraction of the money needed to build and maintain the museum should not be hiring anyone.

They should use the funds they have to hire the forensic experts needed to properly canvas the buildings surrounding Ground Zero and recover and identify any of the remains that are most certainly on the rooftops and window sills.

They should use the funds to hire forensic experts to examine what has already been removed and discarded fro 130 Liberty. (At this point they will not even tell us where this has been sent. Please note that do to the condition of the building it should have been transported to a special facility because of asbestos etc.)

They should use the funds for postage so that they would be able to distribute important information on safety and security to the families and the public.

They should use the funds to redesign the Memorial and make it a safe and secure above ground structure and eliminate the random placement of names as is the wish of the majority of family members. They would be able to hire many more people as this would be done at a fraction of the cost of the current memorial.

They should not be using a press release to ask for donations. At this point they should not be allowed to proceed at all as they do not have the money in place, or even a plan to raise the money to build and maintain the memorial, which is a requirement of the Urban Development Corporation Act which governs the LMDC.

This press release is about the Memorial Museum yet they quote:

"The Memorial, "Reflecting Absence," will remember and honor the thousands of people who died in the horrific attacks of February 26th, 1993 and September 11th, 2001 and recognize the endurance of those who survived, the courage of those who risked their lives to save others, and the compassion of all who offered their support in the aftermath."

Unfortunately the current memorial makes no mention of those who survived, risked their lives or who offered support in the aftermath. It doesn't even include any remnants or historical artifacts.

This Memorial which has been described as representing the cradle of democracy does not even include an American flag.

Once again they confuse the public by speaking of the Memorial and the Memorial as one when it suits their purpose. They quickly separate the two as when they stated "We will only charge admission for the Museum."

The press release gives you a link to view the Memorial. This view once again only shows aerial and street level views even though the Memorial will be 3.5 stories underground.
Below please find a link to the true Memorial Experience as envisioned by Michael Arad.


They Just Don't Get It. It Is Up To Us To Make Sure They Do.


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