Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day

Opening Day. Those are two magical words. It means that spring is officially here (it may have actually come two weeks ago according to the calendar, but this is when it really FEELS like it's here). It's a day of rebirth, the feeling like anything special can happen. It's the unofficial "skip out of work" day. It's the day we finally begin playing baseball for real in 2006.

I'm off to Professor Thom's in Greenwich Village to watch the Red Sox-Rangers opener at 2 PM, and the other games going on this afternoon, like the Mets-Nationals opener at Shea. The Fenway home opener will be next Tuesday, April 11, against Toronto.

The season for the Red Sox will end at Fenway against Baltimore on October 1. Today that day seems like a few years away. It will be a sad day if the Red Sox don't go any further after that (and it will be a sad day also for me for reasons other than baseball).

The winter is now officially over. Time to play baseball.

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WelshSoxFan said...

Don't hurt Prof T's business - the bar's in the East village ;-)