Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Worthless Poll Part 2

I discovered that the New York Daily News also did a similar story that the New York Post did on Tuesday about the silliness of polling Mets and Yankees fans in New York. Apparently Quinnipiac did the poll, and both tabloid papers here jumped on the story. The News' version also leans heavily on the players' "hunk factor" as well. Oh brother.

At least with the Daily News story you don't have to register on-line to become a member. (My apologies about the Post and their registration you have to do in order to read their stories.) Here it is for your "enjoyment":


In more important news, congratulations to Pedro Martinez on winning his 200th game against the Braves on Monday night, 4-3, at Shea. He took another step to his first-ballot Hall of Fame election. Pedro is one of the greatest pitchers of his era, and it makes me wonder if he had a decent closer all those years in Montreal, and especially in Boston, how many wins he would have by now. It might be around 230, maybe even 240.

It's nice to see the best pitcher in New York wears a Mets uniform.

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Michael Leggett said...

For all of those yankee "Fans" surveyed:

Just how many of them actually GO to Yankee Stadium?

& how many of them are posers/Casual Fan Blohoes?