Friday, May 31, 2013

Two Up

It was an amazing week for the New York Mets, who thoroughly embarrassed their crosstown rival Yankees with a 3-1 win last night, taking all four games against them.

The Red Sox win in Philadelphia gives the Sox a two-game lead.

Good for the Mets and their fans. It's been another trying season for them, as their inept management seemed to doom them to another also-ran season. It looked like they might be on their way to another 100 loss season.

And if you read the New York papers coming into this week (I don't, but I saw the headlines), the Mets shouldn't even have bothered showing up for these four games. It's clear the Yankees were the ones who didn't. Last night I fell into a Yankees blog site (I avoid them like the plague normally) and the writer there was pissed off because Mets fans were "celebrating like they just won the World Series." For the Mets fans, this WAS their World Series. The Mets don't have a good team, but this week brought their supporters some joy. The Mets exposed the Yankees this week, and their fans know it. The AL East is up for grabs. And with all the crap Mets fans have taken over the years from obnoxious Yankee fans, they have every right to shove this back in their faces.

And the Red Sox took advantage last night, as Jacoby Ellsbury ran wild, stealing a club record five bases in a 9-2 win. (Classy move by the Phillies giving Jacoby a base to mark the occasion.) Franklin Morales came off the DL to pitch five innings and get the win. The Sox scored early and late, and David Ortiz and Jonny Gomes both went deep.

Now it's off to the Bronx, and just one win will keep the Red Sox in first after the weekend is over. Let's see if the Red Sox can pick up where the Mets left off last night.

But first, for me, I'll be doing Red Sox trivia at The BLOHARDS meeting at the Yale Club today. That should be lots of fun!

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