Monday, November 05, 2012

The Quote of The Year

And it comes from David Ortiz, during the press conference on Monday to announce he's returning to the Sox, and in response to that asinine statement that ex-Red Sox manager (boy, how I enjoy writing that) Bobby Valentine made about how Big Papi "shut it down" after the big trade with the Dodgers on August 25th:

" . . . After he went on national TV to say what he said, he sent me a text message trying to tell me that it was the media trying to change things. I did not respond to the message and I said to myself, this guy must have some mental issues or needs medicine or something? I said, I am dealing with someone crazy and I am not going to drive myself crazy, so it is better if I leave it alone."

Amen, Papi.

How in the world did this jackass ever become the Red Sox manager?

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