Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cross Your Fingers: Trivia's On For Wednesday

As all of you undoubtedly know, more bad weather is heading for New York City and the Northeast on Wednesday. Fortunately, it will be nothing like Hurricane Sandy last week, but it still maybe nasty out there.

But as of now, Trivia at Professor Thom's will go on as now scheduled. The bar is having a night dedicated to the presidential election tonight, so we have moved Trivia to Wednesday this week. As long as it is not too bad, I plan to be in.

I will keep you all informed with updates here on the blog and at Facebook should the situation warrant it.

The Special Category for tomorrow night will be "Pop Music Trivia." It will be seven questions on the broad spectrum of music, mostly from the recent past. The Q Train lightning round will be "Horror Movies Trivia." I will give you the names of ten classic horror films, as you have to tell me which decade it was originally released in (no remakes). I'll give you an additional point if you give the exact year it originally released.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"The Country Music Hall of Fame is located in what US city?"

Hopefully everything works out OK and we can do Trivia on Wednesday night at 8:30 PM. If not, we will postpone Trivia again this week and have the next night the following Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed, stay safe, and don't forget to vote today!

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