Monday, June 04, 2012

Just a Reminder

Once again, Trivia Night is taking this week off, and will return next week.

But as of right now, we don't know which day next week it will be. If the Celtics don't make it to the NBA Finals, we will have Trivia on Tuesday, June 12th at 9 PM. And we won't have to move Trivia Night again.

However, should the Celtics advance to the Finals, we will be doing Trivia the next two Monday nights, June 11th and 18th, at 9 PM both nights. The NBA is scheduling Games 1 and 4 on Tuesdays, and should it go to Game 7, we will do Trivia a third straight Monday night, June 25th, as that final game would be the following night.

Sorry for all the inconvenience, and thank all of you for your loyalty.

See you next week!

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