Monday, November 01, 2010

Trivia About Our Fearless Leaders Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States, so in honor of that day, we will have a round of "Presidential Election Trivia" as the Special Category for Trivia Night. Oh yes, I know we aren't electing a president for the next two years, but people know the presidents better than your average governor or congressman, so what the heck...

The Q Train lightning round will be "True or False Trivia," the category that was postponed last week after we had a shorter night of Trivia due to the lengthy Celtics opener.

The Sneak Peek question is:
What holiday is also known as Shrove Tuesday?

I promise that this week will get going at the regular time of 9 PM. Last week was an aberration, and the Celtics are in Detroit tomorrow night, but I'm sure that won't bring in any unusual amount of fans. Hope to see many of you on Tuesday night.

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