Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mad Dog Celebrates

For years on New York radio, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo was an outspoken, devoted San Francisco Giants fan. I was never his biggest fan, but I always respected his Yankee hatred, and I was curious how he reacted to the Giants stunning World Series win this week.

Actually on Mike Francesa's show on Tuesday, Francesa showed a lot of class by opening his show by congratulating his former partner and said that Russo was invited on to open his show, but Mad Dog's bosses at Sirius wouldn't allow it.

I would have loved to have seen Chris give it to the Pope.

But here is how Mad Dog opened his show on Sirius on Tuesday, talking about his love of the Giants and all the heartbreak he went through. I guess I can relate to it.

Here is the first 12 minutes from YouTube. And here is a link to the second half of his opening (5 minutes or so). Congratulations, Mad Dog. Nice job.

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